About Familyinvestigators.com
familyinvestigators.com is the trading name of J C Snell Ltd, established in 1934.
We conduct family history research (genealogy) in the UK.
familyinvestigators.com was set up to make the interaction between you and your researcher as easy and carefree as possible. This site was launched in December 2009 and is the first stage in this process. We are currently working on a download area so that you can download a GEDCOM file at any time to see how we are getting on with your research. The second stage will put your tree online (for you to view only - no public access) allowing you to indicate through the power of the internet which family members you would like to research further.
Our Services
We offer family reseach in the UK, including:
  • 1841-1911 Census (1911 unavailable for Scotland)
  • First World War Military Records
  • Emigrations By Sea (approx 1860-1960)
  • We can also apply for UK Birth, Marriage or Death Certificates from approx 1838-2005 and can scan and email these worldwide
For major research projects we are able to apply for probate records, search the UK National Archives and conduct parish record research anywhere in the UK. However this can be expensive as it may involve extensive travel.